Here you will find our newest and latest projects, but also very interesting projects which are a bit older. All projects are designed and created by myself (Melissa Handrich). If you are interested in some projects and would like to know more or are interested in a collaboration please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form or call us.

Malaysia, China, Great Britain

This project was created at Nanjing International School in the year 2010, it was one of the first 3D projects that I had done. It is about the the countries: Malaysia, China, and Great Britain, it is a cut out of a medium density fibreboard and then individually designed.

I choose these countries because I used to live there. The hight of the individuell countries are 60cm , 80cm , 100cm which correlates with the length of the years that I have lived in each of the countries.

Country: Nanjing, China
Date: April 2010
Service: 3D project, wood, art
From: Melissa Handrich


This artwork was created as a end of school project in China. It is the outline from Germany which was cut out from a medium density fibreboard. The surface of the MDF board was designed with softdrink cans, where I pressed the middle section from the can that it is straight. These cans where horizontally and vertically glued and then nailed onto the MDF board.

The pattern from the glued design is symbolising, the birds eye view from the agriculture and farming areas in Germany.

Country: Nanjing, China
Date: April 2010
Service: 3D project, wood, recycling, cans
From: Melissa Handrich

Recycling – App

This recycling app was created in April 2014. This was the final assignment from my last year at university in London. The theme is about the different recycling models in Great Britain and Germany.
The app was created for pre-school children, it should teach them about recycling and sustainable living at an early age. I wanted to created a form of education which is very much fun and will encourage small children to also teach adults/ their parents about recycling.

Country: London, Great Britain
Date: April 2014
Service: application design, app, UI & UX experience
From: Melissa Handrich

Dietary habits infographic

I created this infographic in 2015. The theme of this poster is the dietary habits in the year of 2013/2014 from Germany. It was very interesting to design and create the different visual fields for this infographic. The infographic is showing a plate, on which each of the food categories are stacked on top e.g. (meat, fruit, etc..) plus the percentage eaten in that year.

Country: Neustadt, Germany
Date: February 2015
Service: infographic poster, informative poster
From: Melissa Handrich

Christmas – Infrographic

This infographic was designed in 2015. The given subject was Christmas 2013. I choose the subcategories "Christmas trees, presents, Christmas decorations and family time etc.". I used these subcategories and displayed them visually and graphically, to provoke and give people some food of thought, about their behaviour around Christmas.

Country: Neustadt, Germany
Date: March 2015
Service: infographic, poster, informative poster
From: Melissa Handrich


This photomontage was from a series created 2011. These photos where manipulated with an emphasise on the rural area living in Germany and world metropolis living in London. I wanted to display an in the moment picture from the camera perspective, which was used to encourage the viewer to finde the similarities.

Country: Tonbridge, Great Britain
Date: January 2011
Service: photo, photomanipulation, photography
From: Melissa Handrich